Farming and the Planning System

Agriculture has undergone many changes over the last 60 years and increasingly come under greater regulation and scrutiny. The planning system has been no exception to these controls and the needs and of modern agriculture are now frequently considered within the planning process. By looking at the current regulations together with needs and requirements of a modern farming business this event will aim to unveil these requirements and identify how the planning system can contribute to meeting these needs whilst at the same time providing an understanding of these processes to local communities

This event will aim to:

  • Set the scene, changes in agriculture and the increasing planning control. Current planning regulations.
  • ¬†Explain why farmers develop and diversify both in agricultural activities and outside agricultural uses?
  • Look at agricultural development case studies on poultry house development.
  • Consider environmental initiatives and managing the countryside.
  • Look forward to agriculture post Brexit what will this mean for farming activities and planning.

Who is this event for?

  • Local Planning Authorities, Officers and Councillors looking for guidance on how and why farmers and farming businesses develop.
  • Community and Town Councils and community groups looking to understand the farming and planning issues and to allow the opportunity to fully engage in the development process.
  • Developers / agents interested in how the process is progressing and being implemented and what can be achieved through meaningful community engagement in this process

Speakers will include farmers and farming organisations, LPA Planners and Planning Consultants

How Much?

Delegate £50

Local Councils and Voluntary Groups £35

Planning Aid Volunteers Free

10% reduction for organisations sending 4 delegates

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