Shaping your Community – The Role of Community Plans and Place Plans

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This is a partnership event hosted jointly by Planning Aid Wales and One Voice Wales.

Place Plans are a relatively new initiative introduced by the Welsh Government. They offer local communities, usually Town and Community Councils, a formal opportunity to add a very local layer of detail to the broader strategic plans produced by planning authorities. Place Plans can be adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance and subsequently used by Planning Officers when determining planning applications.

Community Plans are produced by communities to help improve their local area. These plans are dependent on initiation and leadership by committed local volunteers and work best if they are developed in partnership with local authorities and other key stakeholders. Community Plans include a vision for a local area and a list of projects for the community to undertake – they are action plans for a given area.

This event will explore the similarities and differences between Place Plans and Community Plans; will highlight essential data and evidence required to support local planning and highlight toolkits available to assist local communities.

A number of experts in the field of community planning will also be running “Practice Workshops” to help you make decisions on what approach is best for your area and to provide guidance on how to prepare plans. Officers from each organisation will be presenting on the day with a keynote speaker from Welsh Government providing advice on the importance of place planning for our communities across Wales.

This event will:

  • Explain what Place Plans and Community Plans are and how local communities can start the process of developing plans.
  • Provide case-studies and assist delegates to decide whether to pursue a Place Plan or Community Plan – which plan is right for your community?
  • Experts will be on hand to advise on how to get a plan prepared and lessons learned from case studies across Wales.

Who is this event for?

  • Community and Town Councils – faced with limited resources, the event will assist in making the decision of whether a Place Plan or Community Plan is best for your area. Community and Town Councils and community groups looking to understand the processes involved and to learn from case studies and best practice examples.


  • Local Planning Authorities, Officers and Councillors – the event will introduce how best to engage with local communities by working with them on Place Plans as SPG or Community Plans which may be more project based. The event will demonstrate how such plans play an important role in positive place planning.


  • Developers / agents – a Place Plan or Community Plan may help developers recognise what is important for a community and the type of development which is being actively sought whether it be affordable dwellings, play provision or community facilities. A developer can use plans effectively to assist them in early discussions regarding financial contributions and during the pre-planning application process.


How Much?

Delegate                                                                                          £60

Planning Aid Volunteers                                                             Free

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